Hypernative activates ecosystem-wide protection for Stacks, Bitcoin’s leading L2

    Hypernative has announced the activation of its real-time threat detection and response solution for applications and smart contracts on Stacks, Bitcoin’s leading Layer 2 (L2) solution.

    This collaboration aims to enhance the security of the Stacks ecosystem, providing projects with access to advanced cybersecurity tools and improved protocol security.

    Hypernative integration enhances security for Stacks ecosystem

    With Hypernative’s integration into the Stacks platform, projects built on the Bitcoin L2 will benefit from the Hypernative Platform, which includes assistance in configuring security monitoring and prevention flows.

    Additionally, Hypernative will support incident response, helping to investigate and identify root causes and leveraging its network of connections if funds are stolen.

    Advanced threat detection for emerging risks

    Hypernative’s monitoring and response service is designed to detect and provide early warnings of sophisticated attacks, including hacks, exploits, and fraud.

    This service enables operators to identify emerging threats and take rapid measures to mitigate them, significantly enhancing the security posture of the Stacks ecosystem.

    “Stacks is on a mission to scale Bitcoin and make more advanced financial constructs such as decentralized finance possible on the network. With more code and more smart contracts comes a critical need to make sure they are safe.

    Gal Sagie, CEO and co-founder of Hypernative,

    Hypernative is proud to secure the entire Stacks ecosystem in real time and help activate the Bitcoin economy.

    Security program for Stacks projects

    As part of the integration, projects within the Stacks ecosystem will participate in a program of ecosystem-wide monitoring, addressing a broad range of attack surfaces and risk vectors.

    These include bridges, internal infrastructure smart contracts, multisig wallets, treasury, and token allocations.

    Hypernative’s platform monitors both on-chain and off-chain data sources in real-time, identifying over 200 risk types with unparalleled accuracy.

    Utilizing sophisticated machine learning models, heuristics, simulations, and graph-based detections, Hypernative provides the fastest and most reliable threat detection in web3. The platform boasts a hack detection rate of 99.5% and has helped projects save over $50 million in funds to date.

    Foundation for secure Bitcoin innovation

    Combining Stacks’ programmability with Hypernative’s state-of-the-art security creates a robust foundation for Bitcoin innovation.

    Projects building on the L2 can develop powerful money markets with the assurance that they are anchored to the world’s most secure blockchain, with on-chain activity monitored in real-time for advanced threat detection.

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