Meme coins poised to dominate crypto trends in July: SOLETF, MOTHER, & BABYTRUMP

    The cryptocurrency market closes June with a downward stance, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) losing approximately 10% over the past 30 days.

    As bearish sentiments prevail, most top assets consolidate, indicating uncertainty in the coming sessions.

    Thus, enthusiasts have shifted to mid- and low-cap meme cryptos, suggesting a change in market dynamics.

    Market players venture into meme assets to quickly maximize returns. Here are some themed tokens that could dominate crypto trends in July.


    Solana-based cryptocurrencies have flourished amid SOL exchange-traded fund speculations and rebounded SOL prices.

    Solana gained attention this week as 21Shares joined VanEck to file for SOL ETFs.

    The SOLETF meme crypto looks to capitalize on this craze for robust growth. The alt gained over 120% within the last 24 hours.

    SOLETF maintains a massive bullish stance and will likely stay elevated as Solana summer approaches.

    Great news again for @SOLETFMEME

    — SOL ETF MEME (@SOLETFMEME) June 29, 2024

    Further, market experts remain optimistic about Solana ETFs and their implications on the SOL ecosystem.

    Mother Iggy (MOTHER)

    The celebrity meme token has seen significant traction within the crypto community as it outshined Andre Tate’s DADDY.

    MOTHER recorded impressive price surges over the previous month as it gained 260%.

    Its market capitalization is $64.98 million, positioning it as among the most sought-after new projects in the marketplace.

    Continued advertisement by Iggy Azalea to his millions of followers sets Solana-based MOTHER for remarkable growth in the coming times.


    — DEGEN NEWS (@DegenerateNews) June 12, 2024

    Baby Trump (BABYTRUMP)

    This Solana-based altcoin is the latest Trump-themed asset to join the crypto space.

    Designed to onboard the meme world to the massive blockchain tech with a taste of politics.

    As the United States political scene heats up, Trump-linked tokens are set to flourish. The ex-president has supported the digital asset industry.

    The crypto community believes a win for Donald Trump is a victory for the digital assets industry.

    Massive donations towards his campaigns demonstrate trust that “Trump will make crypto great in America.”

    BABYTRUMP will likely capitalize on the election buzz in the upcoming months for significant growth.

    Proponents believe the themed token will grow 100x in the next bull rally.



    In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market is on the verge of consolidating after June’s bearishness.

    Nevertheless, analysts predict impressive price actions for low- and mid-cap tokens in July.

    Solana-based and PolitiFi tokens will likely lead gainers in the upcoming months.

    However, the crypto market remains a volatile space, and caution is paramount before interacting with any digital asset.

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