Should you invest in Bitbot as Robert Kiyosaki forecasts Bitcoin will 5x in 2024

    Bitcoin has not been particularly exciting for investors in recent weeks but experts continue to expect a regain in its momentum moving forward. 

    Robert Kiyosaki expects Bitcoin to 5x

    Among the bullish professionals is Robert Kiyosaki – the world renowned author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 

    Kiyosaki still sees the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap as the fastest way to become a millionaire. 

    In fact, he expects BTC to hit $350,000 by the end of 2024 that translates to about a 5x growth over the next six months. 

    Once Bitcoin resumes its rally, the rest of the crypto market will likely gain strength as well. And you can tap on Bitbot to get the most out of that potential upside in cryptocurrencies this year. 

    How can Bitbot help a trader?

    Bitbot is the world’s first AI Telegram trading bot that aims at helping traders make smart decisions in the financial markets. 

    But it’s even more exciting for investors considering that it’s powered by a native token that you can park your capital in and profit from an increase in its price. 

    Bitbot has recently ended its presale, raising a total of more than $4.3 million. The crypto project has already reached about 3.2 million people on the back of close to 2,500 media mentions – all of which indicates strong demand. 

    Interested in finding out more about Bitbot and its namesake coin? Click here to visit the project website now. 

    Bitbot may soon list on an exchange

    Now that Bitbot has ended the presale, its management will likely push for a listing on a crypto exchange to make the native coin more accessible for investors. 

    The idea is that greater accessibility will invite more investors to the Bitbot coin which will eventually help push its price up in the coming months. 

    That’s perhaps why many expect Bitbot to be the next 100x opportunity which is conceivable considering the meme coins space has grown rapidly in recent years. It was worth nothing before the pandemic but had accumulated over $20 billion in valuation by the end of it. 

    You can find more about Bitbot and ways to invest in its native coin on the website on this link.

    Why is Bitbot better than rivals?

    There’s one particular reason that makes Bitbot a better pick than its peer meme coins – and that’s artificial intelligence. 

    As mentioned above, Bitbot is an AI-enabled Telegram trading bot which means the broader artificial intelligence related tailwinds may as well help it improve its price moving forward. 

    Statista forecasts the artificial intelligence market to hit a valuation of nearly $1.0 trillion versus under $200 billion at writing. 

    Plus, the expected strength in Bitcoin may also reflect in the Bitbot token as the former is a space leader and tends to push the market in the same direction in which it moves. 

    If you’re convinced and ready to park your capital in Bitbot, it’s time that you visited its website

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