Bermuda’s Realm insurance expands coverage to cryptocurrency sector

    Bermuda Monetary Authority’s insurance carrier, Realm Insurance, has just revealed a new set of insurance products tailored to addressing the risks associated with the cryptocurrency sector.

    This step signifies a broader coverage of insurance for digital assets, covering several risks such as cyber threats to the particular vulnerabilities related to holding cryptocurrencies in hot wallets.

    Realm’s coverage for digital assets

    Realm also covers the insurance of emerging sectors such as cannabis and psychedelics. Its services are tailored to meet specific requirements of investment managers of digital asset funds, offering solutions such as coverage for losses incurred from stalking Ethereum.

    Sufficient crypto insurance is quite rare, which previously only covered two areas mainly: the commercial crime market and the specie market.

    The commercial crime market covers insurance related to cash in ATMs or cash transported in armoured cars.

    The specie market is the market where insurance is related to designed vaults for storing items like gold or art.

    Until now, there has been a noticeable deficiency in capacity related to crypto risks. Insurance broker Marsh has unveiled an $850 insurance package encompassing cold storage, along with other custody solutions like Multi-Party Computation (MPC), which involves the splitting of cryptographic keys into shards.

    Realm CEO Joseph Ziolkowski’s contributions and insights

    For quite a few years, Realm, under the leadership of CEO Joseph Ziolkowski, has provided insurance coverage to several organisations in the decentralised finance (DeFi) empire, including exchanges, payment and remittance platforms, custodians, software developers, and foundations supportive of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs).

    He mentions that their latest products target areas within the crypto space where there is a lack of insurance coverage, and the capacity limit is tailored to each organisation and circumstance.

    Joseph Ziolkowski says, “If you look at the amount of capacity in London for something like cold storage or specie cover, it’s the most basic exposures arising from digital asset operations, and as a result, there’s a massive amount of capacity that exists. We deal with much more complex exposures that have far fewer markets that are willing to put their balance sheet on the line for these types of products.”

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